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Update: picking up our Nuc

Today we’re off to pick up our little ones after their 10 day field trip in sunny Esquimalt. We hope to find a productive queen with her team of ambitious girls. As soon as we arrive, it’s clear that our … Continue reading

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Back in beesness! Update, Update!

Scoop #1: Bees are out and about after a rough winter. The ones who survived are going strong and many hives are stocked with honey, pollen and brood. It’s looking good. Check it out:             Scoop … Continue reading

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Top 10 reasons why I think bees are cute!

1) The way they’re all lined up peering at ya when you lift off the lid. Good morning my little ones! 🙂 2) The way they rush to get their colorful pollen baskets to safety. Gotta get that deliciousness inside … Continue reading

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End of the Summer Season

It’s funny how the “back to school” cringe that many of us feel at the end of August is often accompanied with bad weather. Suddenly it seems as though summer is over. I wake up to hear fog horns reminding … Continue reading

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How do you get Beeswax?

From burr comb From honey cappings From an entire frame you want to recycle. Burr comb is what we call the wax comb that gets built between frames when there is excess space. Bees will efficiently use space by creating these … Continue reading

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Oh Honey!

I just stole 9 kg of pure liquid gold! My cup runneth over with sweetness 🙂 It feels good waking up in the morning knowing that today you get to harvest. That’s my favorite part of this game. It’s mid … Continue reading

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A Charming Swarm

Excitement on the Bee Haven today! As I was sitting in my room perusing through magazines and contemplating today’s plans, I was buzzed back to reality by quite the loud hum outside. I’m thinking, “the bees are loving this weather!” … Continue reading

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