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Productive High!

In fact they were so strong, we decided to take them out the next day. And you won’t believe what we then saw…I shit you not, but there was not a single mite to be found. I give credit to … Continue reading

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Hive version 2.0

Welcome to Shades of Green The new and improved? Initially I thought I was being brilliant by increasing air tightness, ventilation and insulation. It’s partially true. This highrise features cedar belly bands that reduce air cracks. The insulated base prevents … Continue reading

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Back in Beesness!

Hello 2021! On Easter Weekend (April 4th), I got back in beesness! A very nice person gave me a black queen which he was eager to get rid of because apparently she is “cranky but highly productive.” I was stoked!

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Spring Inspection and Updates!

It’s about to get real beesy here. I’m buzzing with updates, a new discovery, movie reviews and a quiz to get us started on a new season of beekeeping in pretty Victoria, BC. Update #1: We went into the winter … Continue reading

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Summer 2019 Updates!!

November is creeping up on us way too fast! So much to do, so little time. I’ll keep it short and sweet…or maybe less sweet? It’s been a year of recovery. We’ve had to build up our hives later in … Continue reading

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Checking up on our Nuc

I’m happy to say the nuc made it safely to its new location and the bees are adjusting. The hope is that the bees will grow their colony while pollinating this new garden. I’ve bee’n so crazy beesy these last … Continue reading

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Splitting a Hive

It’s always nice to find a friend willing to share their real estate to accommodate a nuc of bees. Separating the new nuc (5 frames/level) with the old hive (10 frames/level) by distance, ensures that the bees won’t fly back … Continue reading

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Novelties and the timeline

It’s my 7th season of beekeeping and it’s the first year I’ve been stung. Finally!!! I’m not going to lie, it hurt more than I remember, but I was clearly asking for it when I attempted to go about a … Continue reading

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2017 Update!

It’s bee’n rough. 2017 was the year of splits. No, no breakups, thank Goddess! Just trying to make as many splits from the one surviving hive (the Survivors located in the backyard) as possible. By splitting the hive, we create … Continue reading

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Honey Recipes

Truth bee told… …I am not actually all that into honey. Yes, on occasion I like to dip my spoon into it and lick it off but this doesn’t happen often. I’m not like my dad who has an unwavering … Continue reading

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