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Splitting up

According to Heinz, once they start building queen cups, it’s already too late. They are prepping to swarm. So when I saw the first open queen cell today, I decided to make a split on the spot. Unlike previous attempts, … Continue reading

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Swarm day!

…and you may just attract a swarm. Catch bee if you can… Today was interesting. Just as the oil tank guys showed up to replace the old one, they were forced to stop and watch a swarm fly by. It … Continue reading

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Novelties and the timeline

It’s my 7th season of beekeeping and it’s the first year I’ve been stung. Finally!!! I’m not going to lie, it hurt more than I remember, but I was clearly asking for it when I attempted to go about a … Continue reading

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Glad to bee back at it! :-)

I got good news!!!! But let me bring you up to date first 😊 The bee blog has been revived after a one year hiatus but the bees were around for all of 2018. We started that season with one … Continue reading

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A Charming Swarm

Excitement on the Bee Haven today! As I was sitting in my room perusing through magazines and contemplating today’s plans, I was buzzed back to reality by quite the loud hum outside. I’m thinking, “the bees are loving this weather!” … Continue reading

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