We now have 5 hives, 4 queens of which 3 are laying. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Hive #1: the Original (and the biggest)

  • This hive has been queenless since May 18, so 2 weeks. We anticipate a new queen any day now.
  • 4 supers high with one fully loaded super of uncapped honey. (Top super)
  • No eggs or brood at this time.
  • Lots of drones in the bottom super.
  • Lots of pollen in the bottom suppers.
  • Still too full to downsize.
  • Several capped queen cells
  • No mites to date

Hive #2: The Swarm that arrived from somewhere

  • The only brown queen on this property lives here since May 16
  • Everything looks great!
  • This hive belongs to my mom so she’s been checking regularily.
  • No mites to date

Hive #3: Mark’s black queen

  • I’m just going to assume she’s in this one based on circumstantial evidence (until proven wrong). We received her on April 4 and I transferred her to a new home on May 18
  • Amazing work ethic. Gaining strength in numbers and going about beesness quietly and highly effectively.
  • This one belongs to me, obviously.
  • No mites to date

Hive #4: On the Rocks (experiment of a split)

  • This was a split I made on May 25
  • “On the rocks” literally and possibly figuratively.
  • As of June 1, it has a black queen with a very small crew
  • First bee sting of the year, through the glove so not that bad.
  • No mites to date

Hive #5: Mysterious Hive (aka the Figtree hive)

  • The hive that just appeared. Found on May 31
  • It has a laying black queen and seems to be doing well.
  • No mites to date

Hive #6: Baby Grey (Failed)

  • The hive that didn’t make it. Too small. Dumb humans.

Overall a pretty decent collection of things going on. And there’s lots more to come! (I am playing catch up)

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