Nature works in mysterious ways!

Oh. my. God. if things couldn’t get any crazier this year, they just did. The black queen (the original one), just decided to move into this forgotten old hive we’ve had sitting in our garden for a few years. When did this happen??? I was gone this weekend and my mom did not seem to notice anything either until Monday evening. She’s like, “come and look at this. We have new tenants!”

Sure enough, they’d taken possession in quite the furtive way. And they’d already started filling in the space with beautiful burrcomb filled with eggs.

Is it possible that the black queen just decided to beeline it to a close by new home without any fuss? No drama queen whatsover! We’re still grappling to come to terms with this unexpected yet awesome news! Another hive? YEAH! How frickin easy was that?!! Haha

Obviously we inspect the hive she came from to see what made her move out. And as we’re inspecting, we see another black queen. Wait, what? Which one is Mark’s black queen (friend who gave us the first queen of the year 2021). At this point, we’re so confused. My mom seems to think Mark’s queen moved out and the other queen is her offspring. I, on the other hand, think that Mark’s queen never moved out and that the mystery new hive originated from the big original hive. Anyone out there who can do DNA testing? They seem related because they’re both so black… lol. Oh gosh mind blown.

Stay tuned to see if we can figure out the mystery of the black queen that swarmed in such an unbeelike way. 🙂

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