Fly high little ones!

They are my babies afterall. I’ve been observing the new little nuc. I am still amazed it was as easy as just taking frames out of the old hive to create a new hive. The books say, they all end up flying back! But maybe not because their mother was with them? I do think at least 1/4 of the flew back and as I was following their flight, I noticed they all flew off in the same pattern! My theory is that they loop around their new location before taking off to orient themselves rather than making a beeline to their food source like the bees in the original hive.

To me this stuff is fascinating! It reminds me of the podcast “On Beeing” on 99% Invisible, where a minister, Lorenzo Langstroth, who suffered from SAD, was prescribed to spend more time outside. He became obsessed with bees and watched and took notes on them for days on end. Nowadays, we attribute the 3/8″ spacing between frames to Mr Langstroth. So all I have to do is look at something for a long long time. It bee cool to have something named after me šŸ™‚

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