Splitting up

According to Heinz, once they start building queen cups, it’s already too late. They are prepping to swarm. So when I saw the first open queen cell today, I decided to make a split on the spot.

Unlike previous attempts, we did not pack ’em up and drive ’em to a friend for summer camp. I just did it quickly without them even noticing. Basically, I set up a little nuc, turned the entrance away from their original home, found the black queen and added another cup of bees to the bunch.

I’m always amazed what they let me do with them. I shake them off the frame, I spray them with water sometimes and I split them up from the rest of their family. And they don’t even seem to mind.

Et Voila! The black queen is back in a nuc! As for the original, now queenless hive, a new queen should hatch in minimum 8 days as it was still uncapped.

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