Productive High!


Just to give you a sense of how fast this queen is on top of her game, her production is growing exponentially. And by that I mean brood as well as collecting nectar and honey. That would make sense because there are more workers born to contribute. She must bee excellent at hustling her workers or conveying a sense of urgency.

April 6 = 5 frames full
April 16 = 10 frames full (5 frames in 10 days
May 4 = 20 frames full (10 frames in 18 days
May 11 = 30 frames full (10 frames in 7 days)


So yes, the season really gets going fast end of April. That is also when we want to vaporize more to ensure that we keep the mites in check.

Sadly, I was a bit out of practice. I attempted 3 times until I finally determined it worked. I saw fumes coming out of the cracks and the next day there were a few dead ones on the front porch. I gently pulled out the mat, bracing myself for bad news. And there was not a single mite. I started second guessing myself. Like, it can’t actually be this good…
So we decided to use a few nasty thymol strips. They reeked so bad, I felt terrible for them.

In fact they were so strong, we decided to take them out the next day. And you won’t believe what we then saw…I shit you not, but there was not a single mite to be found. I give credit to the previous owner 🙂 He does things well.

Here we are now thinking that everything is under control.
✓ no mites
✓ no queen cells
✓ lots of room

And then BOOM!!!!!!! Stay tuned for a dramatic season of beekeeping with me!!!

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