Spring Inspection and Updates!

It’s about to get real beesy here. I’m buzzing with updates, a new discovery, movie reviews and a quiz to get us started on a new season of beekeeping in pretty Victoria, BC.

Update #1: We went into the winter with two hives and came out with one. Ironically, the one that didn’t make it, was located right beside the house, south facing and seemingly well sheltered. Sometimes you just don’t know why these things happen. And that’s ok because the other hive, to our surprise, was already exploding with activity. About mid March we did our first spring inspection.

Update #2: One hive going strong! We saw so much brood, eggs, pollen, and worker bees that we instantly added another super on top. We filled this super with a left-over honey frame (from the hive that didn’t make it), 5 non-drawn out frames and 4 drawn out frames. That should keep them happily beesy.

Update #3: Our mite count is alarmingly high. We are vaporizing every 2nd day now.

Discovery: Ants like mites! You know how sometimes the most ground-breaking scientific discoveries are made by coincidence? I think this might be one of those. Hear me out. So the top super which is left empty for feeding purposes, was stacked with layers of insulation which included newspaper, cloths and so on. Periodically throughout the winter we exchanged the damp with dry ones and that’s when we noticed there was an ant population. That’s pretty insignificant and even common. To squat them better the next time, we prepped with pieces of duct tape. And what do you see?

Tons of mites!!! That got us thinking…can ants be the solution to the mite problem? It seems as though this is what the ants are after! For now, it’s just a hypothesis but strictly confidential research!!! 🙂

Movie Review:
“Honeyland” = The last female bee hunter in Europe. This movie takes place in a remote village in the mountains in Macedonia. I thought it was incredible – the humanity, the filming, the story. It moves your soul. Some parts were really sad but I’d watch it again.
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B27ORUHlp6E

“The Last Honey Hunter” = The last male honey hunter in Nepal. This short documentary makes you feel grateful that you do not have to risk your life to harvest honey 🙂 It is part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival Films Online for Free

Quiz Time: Please identify the following…

And how did you do on this quiz? Answers below

1) egg 2) brood 3) capped brood (worker bee cells) 4) capped brood (drone cell) 5) worker bee 6) honey 7) pollen 8) worker bee…cleaning cell or sipping honey? 9) capped brood (queen cell) 10) drone

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