Summer 2019 Updates!!

November is creeping up on us way too fast! So much to do, so little time. I’ll keep it short and sweet…or maybe less sweet?

It’s been a year of recovery. We’ve had to build up our hives later in the season than preferred and therefore it’s been a honeyless year. Same as 2018. Some years are harder than others. As long as we’ve got bees, we’re ok 🙂

Update 1: The nuc that I brought back from our friend’s house was kept in the Intensive Care unit for a few weeks. We kept thinking, that I had perhaps misdiagnosed the situation. Most cells looked normal aside from a few that had an extra egg and there was enough of a hustle. Unfortunately, I’d probably killed the queen when I clumsily showered them in sugar tea. And a new queen never emerged. So we gave their honey to another hive and hopefully the remaining worker bees were able to relocate at their neighbor’s hive.

Update 2: The remaining hive or the hive that started our season, was busy producing queen cells. It was big and every frame was filled with honey, brood and lots of bees. They seemed to be thriving. And so we made another split. This time we just relocated them from the front yard to the backyard and it totally worked! It took a while until we finally saw the new queen. That was a good day 🙂

Meanwhile, at the headquarters, things remained active but no new developments were visible aside from more queen cells, some of which had hatched.





We were so certain that any day now, we’d see the new queen but for whatever reason, she didn’t make it.

What do you do when you’ve got a thriving hive and no queen? You can buy one if nothing else works. It’s like adoption. We are extremely lucky that one of our bee friends donated one of his queens to us. That’s the best, when you know the beekeeper who has raised your queen. You’re guaranteed to get a local. Going local is good for sustainability. They won’t need to adapt to the climate.

Update 3: I got stung a second time just above the lip. It didn’t hurt but my cheek blew up like a balloon. People were seriously worried but I thought it was great to get some free botox. I guess I should’ve worn my suit. Nothing gets past that haha.

Update 4: Going into the winter, we are two hives strong. We’ve been relocating one hive closer to the house, three feet a day. We’ve been feeding them every evening and I’m about to head out and buy some insulation to protect them from the wind and rain.

Halloween is coming up! What do you call a pair of bees dressed as ghosts??? 🙂 Have a good one!


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