Checking up on our Nuc

I’m happy to say the nuc made it safely to its new location and the bees are adjusting. The hope is that the bees will grow their colony while pollinating this new garden.

I’ve bee’n so crazy beesy these last few months that I haven’t had a chance to update my blog at all. Therefore, I’m going to summarize how my nuc experiment played out and then expand on details later 🙂

June 1: Dropped bees off. Refer to previous post.

June 3: Checked bees and everything looked the same as before, aka good. But then at the very end, I make the biggest rookie mistake in my beekeeping history. So because these bees need help adjusting to their new surroundings and are such a small colony, we need to feed them with sugar water. And as usual, we’ve prepared a yoghurt container with our thyme flavored sugar water. The lid has holes from which the bees can suck out the sweet liquid. As I lift the container and turn it upside down on top of the inner cover board, the lid falls off and to my horror, it all runs out and down the inside of the nuc. I had just doused the bees in lots of sugar and water. At home my mom reassures me, they’ll lick it all up.

June 7: I dread opening up the nuc today. However, there’s no trace of spilled sugar water anywhere! And the bees are very calm. I can’t seem to find the queen but I see eggs so I conclude that they’ve recovered.

June 13: So today I still can’t find the queen. To make matters worse, I see multiple eggs in the same cell. That is a definite red flag that I never ignore. It signals that a worker bee has sensed the absence of the queen and in a desperate attempt, she develops ovaries and starts laying eggs. But since these are all unfertilized, only drones will emerge.

June 14: This nuc has now become an emergency and I immediately drive it to the intensive care unit, aka my house, where it will receive 24-7.

Can this nuc be saved? And meanwhile what has happened to the original hive? Stay tuned for more updates coming sooner than later 😉


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