March Blossoms

Spring is here and the bees have been taking advantage of every sunny moment. I spent some time in the garden observing them. Not only did I get some amazing shots but I learned about some of their favorite travel destinations. You’ll be surprised. Check out the following hot spots for the month of March.

Ornamental Plum Tree

It’s the single flowering blossoms that bees still like the best. The hum of their song in this tree was loud enough for me to wonder if there was a swarm close by. But then I realized they were just loving so many blossoms all in one tree so close by.


Not as popular as the Ornamental Plum tree, the Camellia still had quite a few bees buzzing around. This little one spent at least 30 seconds here.


This is a great winter flowering plant. Its sweet and intense fragrance brings all the bees to your yard.

Peach blossoms

Despite not getting a shot with a bee here, they are attractive to pollinators like honey bees.

Wet Mud

I saw at least four different mud spots where several bees were actively soaking up vitamin water? I had no idea this was such a hot spot. Who knew?!

Dirt water

Foraging in dirt water puddles, flower pots and wet soil.


I wonder if this one was just resting or had found something to graze on. Check out its pollen baskets!

It’s so nice to see the bees back outside. Here’s a shot of them returning with their nectar and pollen.

Do you see 11 buzzing bees coming home?

I only list a very small number of bee loving plants. They’re the ones in our garden but if you want more information, the Honeybee Conservancy has this great guide.


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