Honey Recipes

Truth bee told…

…I am not actually all that into honey. Yes, on occasion I like to dip my spoon into it and lick it off but this doesn’t happen often. I’m not like my dad who has an unwavering need for a slice of bread with honey every day just after breakfast.

But I do love it in other ways. Here are my three ultimate favorite recipes that just can’t be made without our own honey.

3rd place: Honey on frozen lemon lemonlicious

Don’t judge until you’ve tried. I know what you’re thinking. And no. It’s actually not going to be too sour to eat. It’s really quite refreshing and surprisingly non sour. The combination is great.

Super easy, super healthy and gets the job done. You’re craving sugar but you’re getting the healthy kind of sweetness. You also get a lot of vitamins this way.

Ingredients: organic lemons, liquid honey

Instructions: Help yourself to a thin slice of lemon from your tupperware container in the freezer. Drip honey as desired over each slice and take your first bite of zesty heaven. Now you can judge or indulge (permission granted) 🙂

2nd place: Salad dressing

There’s something about substituting white sugar with liquid honey. I think it’s partly the taste but also my conscience. I don’t feel bad about adding a larger amount and its sticky consistency lends itself to a well adhered dressing on every piece of lettuce.


Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard, melted (liquid) honey

Optional: Add dill, quince, blackberry jam, mango juice, lemon, garlic etc.

Instructions: Mix desired ingredients in the magic bullet et voila! Prepare desired salad and add this delicious salad dressing.

First place: Granola/ Muesli

It’s the DIY version of this Starbucks cup but instead of paying $5, you get it for much starbuckscheaper and it’s customized to your specific needs AND it comes with the best honey ever.


Oats, coconut, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, mango juice, coconut oil, salt and honey.


Decide on which oats, nuts or other tasty tidbits (chocolate chips perhaps) you’d like to wake up to each morning. Throw these all together and mix in some coconut oil. Bake it for ~30-60 minutes (depending on your desired level of crunch), stirring occasionally and adding mango juice and/or coconut oil. I like to pre-roast my sunflower seeds in coconut oil with salt.


Top it with some honey (can be done now or later in your bowl – see pic below) for the last 5 minutes and you’ll have nicely tanned clumps of wholesome-better-than-Terra-Breads breakfast. Eat with home-made yoghurt. To die for!! (ok that’s extreme) But definitely worth a try if you’ve bought at least one of these (Starbucks cup – top pic) and liked it.

What I like about these recipes, is that they’re fast to make and you can wing it! No tedious measuring of ingredients. Just taste to perfection! Mmmmmm…Christmas all over again!

Stay tuned for survival updates! It’s been so so cold…





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