Honey 2015!

Cheers to the best honey season of all years!!! We made a total of 89 kg this summer! And we’re keeping it all to ourselves!!! haha, (sorry).


You might not be surprised at all. Summer 2015 was dry, hot and started early. We began our first harvest on April 30 and from one hive alone, had the first 9 kg of maple tree flavored honey hidden well away from dad. The harvest continued at a rapid rate:

May 9 – 4.5 kgIMG_20150930_164214148
May 13 – 7 kg
May 22 – 4.5 kg
June 22 – 13.5 kg
July 2 – 17 kg
July 13 – 6 kg
July 16 – 9 kg

We’ve never stopped harvesting this early on in the summer but by July 16, the blackberry harvest was over and that signals the end of the main nectar collection. We are 89 kg rich compared to last year’s lousy 13 kg total. 2013 we made 36 kg.

It’s interesting to keep a record and I’m sure different beekeepers will harvest different amounts at different times. For us, all it takes is 4 full frames of honey to fill the extractor. (Click on  “Extractor” to see how we extract the honey).


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