Update: picking up our Nuc

Today we’re off to pick up our little ones after their 10 day field trip in sunny Esquimalt. We hope to find a productive queen with her team of ambitious girls. As soon as we arrive, it’s clear that our effort and patience to temporarily relocate a newly created nuc have paid off. The nuc is loaded with energy and the queen is focused at work.

Once again, we duct tape the nuc shut and as I carry it to the car, I notice how much heavier is. A warm, sheltered and flowery spot definitely has its perks!
2014-07-21 19.25.21

Twenty minutes later we are back home with a new hive of bees that won’t fly back to their original home.

And that’s how easy it is to split a hive! All you need is a car, a friend and some time.

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