Top 10 reasons why I think bees are cute!

1) The way they’re all lined up peering at ya when you lift off the lid. Good morning my little ones! šŸ™‚

2) The way they rush to get their colorful pollen baskets to safety. Gotta get that deliciousness inside asap!



3) The way they hold on to their sisters and brothers. Don’t break the chain!



4) The way they protect their home – butts in the air while vigorously fanning the place, threatening any intruders with a loud buzzing “back off!” Gotta respect ’em even if they look cute putting on a tough front.


5) They are the best communicators! There’s nothing cuter than great communication, right?!

2013-06-26-18.41.10 (1)

6) The way they load up on honey the moment they fear invasion. I call it the tuck n’ gorge maneuver.

7) Bees are dedicated, loyal, diligent, curious and the work they do is pretty damn amazing. If that doesn’t equal cuteness, I’m at loss for words.


8) I think it’s super cute how much they care about cleanliness. They are constantly cleaning up. The queen won’t even consider laying an egg in a cell that’s not 100% clean.
2013-08-06-11.18.37 (1)

9) It’s adorable how much they care for their mother. They’ll do everything for her, even remove her poop!

2013-08-16-15.43.08 (1)

10) Honeybees are sweet gentle souls and if they sting, it’s your own fault.

2013-08-28-12.14.46 (1)



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