Bee Trivia – Who is Who?

So you probably know that a hive consists of a queen (mother), worker bees (girls) and drones (boys). How much more do you know? (If you have not read the previous entries, no worries, educated guesses really do work! 🙂

1) You have been stung by a bee and the bee dies afterwards. Who was the culprit?
a) A dronebee-sizes-queen-drone-worker
b) A worker bee
c) A queen

2) An unfertilized egg turns into a…?
a) A drone
b) A worker bee
c) A queen

3) Unlike worker bees and the queen who work tirelessly their entire life, drones are entitled to indulge in honey, pollen and need not work. Is this fair?
a) no
b) yes

4) An excluder is used to separate the2013-06-21-15.00.14
honey from the eggs and brood.
Which bee does not fit through an excluder?
a) A drone
b) A worker bee
c) A queen

5) A fertilized egg can turn into a worker bee or queen.
What determines the outcome?
a) A bigger cell is built
b) Royal jelly is fed to this particular larvae
c) The cell is laced with nectar and pollen
d) The queen takes extra special care of that particular egg in that cell.

6) You discover extra large cells near the bottom of the frame pointing downwards. What is the reason for this?
a) They are queen cells2013-08-01-12.05.43
b) Those are drone cells
c) It’s a desperate attempt to expand their honey collection.

7) What conditions does a virgin queen require to become a well laying queen?
a) She requires more food than               usual.
b) She requires her attendants                 during the mating flight.
c) She requires grooming so a drone will date her.
d) She requires a sunny warm day(s) for her mating flight(s).

8) Find the queen, a drone and a worker bee in the picture below.

Answers: b, a, opinion, c, b, a, d, see pic below

1)     It’s only the females who sting! Both queen and worker bees have stingers but since a queen’s stinger is not barbed, she will not die. However, a girl (worker bee) will give up her life to protect her mother and brothers! The boys (drones) don’t have stingers.
2)     This is also why worker bees are capable of laying eggs as they have ovaries but they are not fertile and cannot mate.
3)       Answer is based on your opinion. Here’s what I think:
A – Fairness consists of an equal amount of work from both genders and this doesn’t seem to be the case between the drones and worker bees.
B – Maybe it is fair, who are we to judge? Maybe we don’t know everything about bees. Maybe the drones do more than just mate. Maybe they entertain, sing and console the girls. We just don’t know everything.
4) The queen is the biggest bee and can’t get through this grill-like separator. However, she DOES get through if she’s a virgin queen, so watch out! You don’t want eggs/brood mixed within your honey or waste a queen’s day of work.
5) It’s all about the food that determines your place in society! Lol. And although a queen’s cell is bigger, it is not a determining factor.
6) Queen cells are usually at the bottom of a frame, directed downwards. They can be easily spotted as they are quite a bit bigger, even than the biggest drone cell.
7) Sunshine! Warmth! (and romance maybe too… 🙂
trivia1 (1)

I hope you all passed! And if not, I hope you learned something new today 🙂


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