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End of the Summer Season

It’s funny how the “back to school” cringe that many of us feel at the end of August is often accompanied with bad weather. Suddenly it seems as though summer is over. I wake up to hear fog horns reminding … Continue reading

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Bee Trivia – Who is Who?

So you probably know that a hive consists of a queen (mother), worker bees (girls) and drones (boys). How much more do you know? (If you have not read the previous entries, no worries, educated guesses really do work! 🙂 1) You have been stung by … Continue reading

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Oh, the Drones

A drone lives the good life until he’s kicked out of the hive or dies from sex. Drones (aka the boys) do not have stingers and do not need to collect nectar, build cells or protect their home like their … Continue reading

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The Girls, aka Worker bees

And do they ever work! In their short life span of 6 weeks (in the summer) they literally work themselves to death. The girls spend their first three weeks inside the hive and get to work as soon as they … Continue reading

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Queen Power

She’s the CEO and mother of up to 60000 bees. She controls the pace of productivity, attitude of her family, ensures survival of a hive and can live up to six years longer than the rest. She’s continuously surrounded by … Continue reading

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