Bee Safe!

It’s raining today, so I thought I’d suit up and make it an office kind of day.
2013-06-15 16.46.02

What a difference a suit upgrade can make. No more morning outfit dilemmas and a definite cooler feel than my former duct taped ensemble! In terms of aerodynamics, it’s a faster, smoother, safer transition to the front as it reduces the friction of fear. Yup, officially a beekeeper now! Lol

2013-06-15 16.49.33

They say that beekeepers get stung the most in their second or third year, when they begin to relax a little (too much). I’m not at that point yet so I don’t anticipate on getting stung (knock on wood). My paranoia of stingage drove me to read up about this issue and I found out that bees will sting when…

  • They are stressed. They are usually stressed when you open up their house on a wet, windy or cold day.
  • They feel the need to protect their brood. When abrupt moves vibrate their frames, they are on edge and angrily stick their butt in the air (it’s true, hee hee).
  • They are squished (This is quite common when we accidentally grab the foot of bee sitting on a frame.)
  • They feel threatened. (For example, they don’t like the color black. That’s why we wear white suits.)

In general, if you encounter a bee at a picnic or an outdoor festival, she’s probably just out and about, minding her own beesness and collecting nectar. If you’ve been stung, trust me, it was a wasp! (oh, I’m so biased)

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